We offer green, non-toxic, and non-cryogenic bi-propellant propulsion systems for orbital change and maneuvering of small satellites and spacecraft.

Unmatched Speed and Design Validation

We produce in 6 months what the rest of the industry can make in 24 months, thanks to our fast manufacturing and testing facilities for assembly, quality control, and hot firing.

Last-mile delivery

Designed specifically to perform long and high performance burns for high Delta-V requirements, thus unlocking the New Space to any orbit.

Increased payload capacity

The BP200 has an increased propellant capacity of up to 200kg for bigger payloads.

Safe for Us, Safe for the Environment

Using safe propellants as hydrogen peroxide, kerosene, or alcohol-based fuel.



Our products enable reliable and responsive maneuvering for high Delta-V missions.

Launch vehicle kick stage

Enhances the versatility of satellite deployment to various orbits and boosts the small launch vehicle’s capacity by up to 70%*.

Lunar and Mars landers

Our propulsion systems allow slow descent, control, and translational maneuvers for landers.


Bi-propellant, green, non-toxic, and non-cryogenic propulsion systems for orbital change and maneuvering, targeting small satellites and spacecraft.

Restartable, TVC for simplicity and cost-effectiveness.