We develop the green space propulsion of the future

The expanding need for satellites calls for innovative, affordable, and sustainable solutions.

LIA was founded to answer that call in an effective and unique way:

Our design and technology tackle the “last-mile” delivery of satellites, further from the Earth and into their destination orbit.

Our green, non-toxic, and bi-propellant solutions are safe for the people, sustainable for our environment and clean for space.

Our products are manufactured at a fraction of the time and cost of the rest of the industry.

We work to decarbonize the space economy today,
so that humanity can have a future tomorrow.



Our values build our uniqueness and make us live up to our purpose every day:

We honor teamwork

Collaboration is the key to navigating through complexity. Our team is extraordinary because we achieve the impossible by maximizing the available resources.

We protect the environment to preserve humanity

We develop sustainable aerospace technology to guarantee a clean space and a better future for us all.

We push innovation frontiers

We are at the forefront of technology leading the way in new developments to bridge technological gaps.

We stand by our word

We work with professionalism and transparency as guarantee of trust and safety for our community, customers, and investors.

We are here to win

We strive for success in our everyday battles. We weather the storms with confidence and perseverance. Nothing can stop us.