Meet Luis Cretton, our Propulsion and AIT Leader


At LIA, Luis brings to life everything we see and touch, from designing engines and structures to creating the test bench for testing and qualifications. He leads the design and manufacturing team, responsible for turning our ideas into tangible realities. 

Although he initially trained as an Electromechanical Technician, Luis has acquired most of his technical skills through personal projects. Since childhood, curiosity has led him to convert his garage into a workshop. He competed for an honor scholarship at ITBA, a university that awarded him the prize for the best final project in Mechanical Engineering, for developing the first prototype of LIA Aerospace with vertical thrust “Vertical Take-off Vertical Landing.” 

“What sets us apart from other companies is our ability to achieve great things with limited resources. We are a small team facing challenges that others address with huge budgets and thousands of people. We have proven that there are no impossibilities for the team, achieving extraordinary accomplishments. And all this, thanks to the excellent quality of people who are part of the team,” says Luis. 

Join us as we continue to introduce the talented members of LIA Aerospace!