Meet Pedro Demelli, Assembly, Integration, and Testing Engineer


At LIA, Pedro is involved in various areas, from manufacturing and testing engines to developing our test bench. His role is crucial in ensuring that our engines operate flawlessly, conducting rigorous tests, and guaranteeing quality at every stage of the process.

Pedro has a solid background as an Electromechanical Technician and is on the verge of completing his degree in Aerospace Engineering at the National Technological University. His previous experience includes working as a researcher at the Aerospace Technologies Group of UTN and his passion for astrophotography, where he has integrated various systems to capture stunning images of planets, the moon, and deep space. 📚

Pedro highlights that what he loves most about LIA is the constant evolution and variety of tasks he performs each day, allowing him to work in different engineering fields and see the direct impact of his work.

Why did he choose LIA? The perfect combination of his three great passions: engineering, space, and entrepreneurship, led him to send an email to LIA in 2018, expressing his desire to collaborate on the project.

Stay tuned, we’ll be introducing more talented team members soon! 🚀